12 Days of Anime #3- No Jojoke

Remember when Crunchyroll announced they had licensed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure on April Fool’s Day? And everyone was afraid it was a joke?

Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? Just over six months later, Jojo’s has gotten a simulcast, reissued manga volumes, and a partial English dub (that we’ll hopefully be hearing more about sometime soon). And now a campy, endlessly-running shonen series about goofy, superpowered muscleheads and characters named after old rock musicians that began in the 1980s is suddenly the darling of American anime nerds. Old fans are finally seeing their baby get the love it deserves, and new fans (like me) finally get to see what those old fans have been so excited about all this time.

Tequila Joseph
If only I had known sooner…

At this point it’s hard to remember that up until earlier this year, Jojo’s was looked at as a show that would never get licensed, a tangled nightmare of music licenses and naming rights that no company would be brave or stupid enough to bother with. It seemed so unlikely, many were more ready to believe they were being pranked than believe that the show was actually coming out legally in the US. Things sure look a whole lot different now than they did back then.



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